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18 February 2016 @ 11:43 am

reveals & masterlist
drumroll plsCollapse )

19 February 2016 @ 02:49 pm

Title: Star-crossed
Word count: 1.5k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: inappropriate use of the room of requirement, sex, cursing
Summary: Baekhyun didn’t want to be Jongdae’s rival all the time
Prompter: Anonymous
A/N note: Thank you to the mods - and I’m sorry that I can’t time keep. I’m sorry this fic was meant to be so much more but I started running out of time and I had to cut it down to this. When I finally finish it I will make sure to link you to it. I hope you enjoy this much of it first though.
*Todor literally means God’s gift

It'd been this way since Baekhyun could rememberCollapse )

16 February 2016 @ 01:50 pm

Title: What Color Are You Wearing Today?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: -
Length: 8,7k
Summary: If a hairdresser Jongdae imagined himself as a painter, his favorite canvas must be a certain hair of a talkative person named Byun Baekhyun.
Prompter: Anonymous
A/N: First thanks for the prompter, I'm having fun exploring your prompt and I'm deeply sorry if it doesn't satisfy you. Also thanks for my friend N who kept cheering at me so I could finish this fic! (Btw I got inspiration for gig part from manga called Doukyuusei)

Are you free this sunday? My friend said he wanted to do something with his hair, so I recommended your hair salon to himCollapse )

16 February 2016 @ 01:35 pm

Title: So Damn Dysfunctional
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sexual scenes
Length: 10k
Summary: On a desperate attempt to find a no strings attached company he can spend Valentine’s day with, Jongdae finally gives the number Lu Han’s sneaked into his phone a call. Baekhyun is a one night stand that won’t go away.
Prompter: endlesstars
A/N: Huge thanks to the prompter for this brilliant prompt and to the readers who take their time to stop by. Thank you so, so much to the mods for keeping up with me and being so patient and kind. You’re all the best! Lastly, the biggest thanks to W for betaing this and for being the bro I’ve never thought I needed. I hope you enjoy the fic~

Jongdae's been sharing his apartment with Lu Han since they've graduated from college.Collapse )

15 February 2016 @ 07:39 pm

Title: Aphelion
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: post-apocalypse, dystopia, child-prostitution (considered normal in the post-apocalyptic setup), drug abuse, time travel (sort of), taboo themes, potential triggers so please be careful!
Length: 20k
Summary: 250 years after the war Seoul is all that's left of Korea, split in seven areas, only connected by Central. Baekhyun, a boy from Lightning, dreams of places he has never seen, colors that don't exists and Blurs that have no place in his world.

Prompter: coxy132
A/N: Thank you c, d and a for sprinting with me and holding my hand even though at least one of you had no idea i was writing this. thank you b for being amazing.

Mother's smile shakes when she dies. Baekhyun watches blood spilling from her slackening lips, gooey with saliva, discolored by acid.Collapse )

15 February 2016 @ 11:32 am

Title: Don’t Look Back
Rating: nc-17
Warnings: ex-members, unbeta’d, inexplicit torture, mentions of past domestic violence
Length: 15, 364
Beautiful. Seductive. Fascinating. Chen couldn’t take his eyes off of him.
Innocent. Angelic. Vulnerable. There is more than what meets the eyes.
Broken. Lonely. Longing. They are more alike than they think.
Chen is a mafia boss, and Baekhyun sings at El Dorado. Someone like Baekhyun didn’t belong in Chen’s world. But they belong in each other’s arms.
Prompter: latchedwindows
A/N: My first full-length BaekChen fic. It was a tough one to finish but I hope I did your prompt some justice. I realized I was being overly graphic with some scenes so I had to cut them out except the sexy scenes wink wink.

Shackles clanking, and whips cuffing against flesh.Collapse )


Title: There is no sweeter innocence than (y)our gentle sin
Rating: R
Warnings: major infidelity
Length: 9.7k
Summary: What do you expect in 5 years of marriage?
Prompter: Anonymous
A/N: First of all I’m sorry to my dear mods and prompter as I have disappoint you guys at every level. ORZ. Anyway, this fic is…full of unnecessary emotions. This is heavy for me to write, I tried my best to make this fic as angsty it can be. It was hard writing this kind of fic with no one to help me out. I hope you guys cried or heart wrenching when reading this.
This isn’t the end, I had written the other parts but I couldn’t finish the ending because I’m stupid in balancing writing a fic and my real life, so you guys have to wait until the reveal day. As always forgive my atrocious grammar, I’m still learning to construct a sentence without a grammar error.
This fic was inspired by someone who is really dear to me. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met and the loveliest person in the world. Always love you even I am a douche to you.

Today is the day, yeah the best day in every year.Collapse )